Lost Boy: {lost boi} 

1. purveyor of dreams
2. follower of the heart

{See Also: unicorn, pirate, mermaid}

Lost boy creations... Inspiration for the wanderlust.

Collectively, we strive to open the eyes and turn the heads of the every day passerby. Through our unique, custom, woodworking, and adventure lifestyle, we hope to bring a sense of youth and an escape from reality to everyone we meet. Re-purposing, recycling, and "up-cycling," material for our amazing work isin a small effort to keep this wonderful place we call home, a little cleaner and more eco-friendly.

Over the past 10 years, our team has slowly and unknowingly found its way together. Based on the beautiful island of St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands we have each paved a frontier existence for ourselves. Learning to live without the creature comforts of our stateside homes, we have each tweaked our lives to leave a lesser carbon footprint while naturally adventuring every opportunity we have. Learning self-sustainability, mixed of course with a healthy dose of recreational playtime, we've pretty much figured out the whole, "WORK hard, PLAY hard" thing. Together with overwhelming support from Lost Boys... and Lost Girls around the world, we have been inspired by our surroundings and the natural beauty of the world through our adventures. That natural beauty seamlessly finds its way into our work, weather it be furniture, boats, or surfboards.

Everyday, a new adventure presents itself. Only a select few recognize it, and even fewer opt to take action. We hope to inspire the masses to take that step into doing something so extraordinary, that it will change the way you see the world forever.